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Access Control

Access control is a way to limit access to a computing system.

What? A process to regulate who can access what within your business’ computing environment

Access control allows business owners to:

  • Decide whom they would like to give access privileges to

  • Determine which roles require what access

  • Enforce staff access to control limits

Why? To minimise risk of unauthorised access to important information

Many small businesses employ internal staff or outsource work to external suppliers e.g. website hosting companies.

Access control systems help you protect your business by allowing you to limit staff and supplier access to your computer:

  • Networks

  • Files

  • Applications

  • Sensitive data.

Who? Principle of least privilege

Depending on the nature of your business, the principle of least privilege is the safest approach for most small businesses. It gives users the bare minimum permissions they need to perform their work. This also reduces the risk of an ‘insider’ accidentally or maliciously endangering your business.

Protecting against malware

  • Restrict administrator privileges.

  • Do not share passphrases.

  • Remember to revoke accounts.



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