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IT Consulting Solutions ​

Welcome to Peace Of Mind IT

Unsure of what exactly you need for your business? We offer FREE 30 minute consultations where we can discuss your needs and offer some options that best match your business goals.

Our Process

Specialised IT Services

Peace Of Mind IT specialises in the implementation of IT systems that are tailored to YOUR business. We focus heavily on solutions that support business growth, strategy & sustainability.

Try our services and you will see the difference instantly in the efficiency and productivity in your business!

How We Can Help


Cyber Services

Cyber is a hot topic and not always

understood by businesses.


We will engage our Cyber specialist to match and recommend the protection needed that is best aligned to your business and budget.

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Manage Services

Knowledge is power. At Peace Of Mind IT 

we ensure our support and service specialists are up to the task​ with long year customer service background we ensure our team member are expert in customer service and IT.


Strategy Alignment

We always look at IT as a business enabler. As such listen to where you want to grow your business and assist with IT-based efficiencies. 


Professional Advice

IT expert advice combined with business understanding is priceless.


At Peace Of Mind IT we will invest our time, free of charge, to learn and understand your business so we can provide you with the best service and solutions, customised to your business.

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Budget Management

Maximizing you existing IT investment without spending more, while reviewing business IT processes can leverage your business.

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Change Management

Change is always challenging. Our IT service professionals will work closely with your business to ensure smooth, painless IT implementation.

Our Services
IT Consulting Solutions

Our Process...


Meet with you to determine and understand your business needs and challenges. 


Recommend and provide a number of solutions that best suit your business objectives. Within Budget, Time and Resource. 


Determine the solution and communicate the pathway of implementation in a in a simple, and transparent way.


Create an action plan and support through the purchasing process.


We work within your timeframes to ensure implementation occurs when the business is ready.


Once implementation has been completed, we are on stand by for any support you may need. 

Why Peace Of Mind IT?

World Class Service

Extensive Support

Experienced Consultants

Solutions Focused

Let us help you to set your business apart from your competitors

We will do this through modern IT strategy and techniques and establish an IT Infrastructure that aids in the future proofing your business.

What Our Clients Say...

"Our company was extremely pleased with the entire process. You were accessible, knowledgeable, and helpful throughout the entire process. The constant flow of communication enabled my team to meet our pre-defined deliverable, which kept the project on track. I give you guys five stars and would recommend them to anyone."

A. Lipa (Melbourne)

Our Partners


We also partner with the following organizations to help the community and empower small business

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