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Microsoft unveils small-business VoIP system

Microsoft has released details of a VoIP phone system dubbed Response Point aimed at small businesses.

The company said that the phones should allow small businesses to integrate and manage advanced calling features, such as accessing contact lists and navigating company directories.

The Response Point software system, which has entered the early stages of beta testing, will be used in handsets manufactured by D-Link, Quanta and Uniden.

The phones will connect with regular phone VoIP lines and are designed to be voice activated and configurable through users' PC.

The software allows users to configure new phone lines or set up call distribution lists which direct incoming calls to certain lines.

Response Point handsets will also be programmable to auto-dial other internal phone lines or numbers from a user's Outlook contact list.

Microsoft said that the product will allow smaller enterprises to manage VoIP phone systems without needing to bring in an IT specialist.

The software giant would not give a timetable for the release of the phones, saying only that the handsets would be available "later this year".

Microsoft hopes to release a second beta version of Response Point early next month.

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